Maddie 1996-2010

May 10, 2010

Maddie 1996-2010

Here's to the most stubborn and sweet best fur legged friend I could have ever asked for. Seeing me and taking care of me from college through marriage and into motherhood, Maddie has been my constant for most of my adult life.

14 years old, three major surgeries, couple of stitches from dog bites, countless invasions of our kitchen garbage, 5 or 6 possums picked off our back fence (all of which lived and are now in the Possum Protection Program), a major stroke at 13 from which she made a full recovery, a cross country road trip, hemangiosarcoma (blood cancer) diagnosed at three yrs ago and various escapes from the house, touring the neighborhood for upwards of an hour then always coming back.

So many more stories and memories....

On April 20th she passed away in her house, on her bed, in my arms.

I love you Maddie.
Rest in peace.

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