In Loving Memory of Shanti

July 06, 2010


Shanti means 'peace' in Nepali. He was certainly the most peaceful part of my life. I loved him dearly and he will be missed terribly and every day. He was a purebred Napoleon kitten, only 4 months old when he went to live in the catnip fields in the sky.

Like most kittens, he was full of energy and life. He loved to play in the bathtub, chase the laser toy, and generally be around wherever I was. The attached picture shows how inquisitive he was. As I was changing the strings on my guitar, he jumped right in! I sent the photo to the guitar company and they all got a big laugh. He had the softest fur, just like a baby bunny, and since he was 1/3 Ragdoll, he went limp when picked up. Just adorable. The other photo shows him at 6 weeks. Have you ever seen a more exquisite creature? I loved him on sight.

I took him in to be neutered last week, and 2 hours later received a call from the vet saying that the surgery went well, but when they tried to wake him up, he went into cardiac arrest. His heart stopped, and he died. The vet worked on him for 25 minutes trying to bring him back to me. But some creatures are not long for this world. Shanti was just too perfect, too special and beautiful to stay with us long.

Rest in peace my sweet little man. I love you forever.
Your mama-
Liz Grace

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