Layna Heidi sund 1993 - 2010

September 13, 2010

One great pup that owned & took very good care of me. I miss her very much!

A little back story on her and others in her life:
1988 my mom got me a little rat terrier to keep me company (single dude & happy?) mom passed 1990.
Little "ODIE" white with black & brown spots. He took care of me thru a cancer bout & many other hard spots in life. In 1993 I had the idea of getting Odie a buddy (here comes Layna!) I looked all around & saw a add in the paper "10 mixed pups FREE to good homes Valley center" 1st thing I called got directions but it was late and had to wait for morning 7am! Long drive out where I've never been. Found the address around 8am, a big horse ranch. Shure enough 10 pups in a stall all colors "Mixed!"
The man I met told me he was driving in to work the week before & saw on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere a box being guarded by an Australian Shepard "MOM". Box held 10 pups. He took them to work & showed them to his boss (at Horse ranch) all looked healthy; his vet gave them all checkups & shots. Enter me... I was given a stool to sit on and told to sit in stall. Amedently attacked by a heard "O" pups. I wearing flip flops, my toes became fair game. 10 pups of all colors and sharp teeth had a fun time but one little Brindle girl stood out and only licked/kissed my toes... hummm... let's try something, I got up and moved to the other side, the heard "O" pups came a running. All teeth but for the one kisser. After 2 more moves and same results, Layna had picked me! I picked up the little brindle girl and told the man she's the one! The man said I'd have to wait because someone else called first and would have first choice, but with a little questioning it turned out I'd have to wait for myself! I was the one who called first, got there first & she was mine!! (Or was it I was hers?) As we walked out of the stall I noticed 5 or 6 cars of people waiting for their turn, I'm glad I came early!! & all 10 pups got good homes! We went home and Odie was in heaven playing with the pup - best buds for life. Layna & Odie took care of me together for a long time. Odie left us in 2006 at 18! I miss the little guy, RIP bud. Well Layna needed a bud now, and Heidi a Chihuahua came along to join our team in 2007. Layna started to slow up a bit, kind of weak but she would not show it. It became clear to me that she was ready. On August 6, 2010 a very nice Lady vet came to our home to help Layna move on. Layna left Heidi & I to see Mom & Odie and wait at the Rainbow Bridge for me & Heidi. Night, Night little girl, You'll always be in my heart!
Thank you for all your love & taking care of me!
We love you! Mike & Heidi

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