In Loving Memory Of Max

July 28, 2011

My Dearest Maxie,

Oh Maxie Doodles, I miss you more than words can describe, and your mamma & daddy miss you every second of the day. Not a day goes by where we don't think of you or wish we could have you back in our lives and just hug you and play fitch with you! You were the greatest Brother, Son, & best friend anyone could ever ask for, and such an amazing blessing that you will never ever be forgotten or replaced. You have changed our lives and gave us such joy, laughter and love without wanting anything in return other than our love and attention. You were quite the handful from your daily walk walks, barking till you got your ribs, fresh blankies, to banana and milk in the mornings, but thats what made us love you more because you entertained us and you were just being you. I can still remember that summer day in the year 2000 when you were just 6 weeks old and as I was walking up the driveway you out of the whole liter came up to my leg and looked up at me like you picked us as your family right away, and right there is when I knew I wanted to take you home. I knew you were very special and not like any other, you were just Max.

Everyday is a struggle, because the house just seems so empty without you, and it's hard not hearing your collar or hearing you knock on the door to go outside or just cuddle with when I was sad or watching a scary movie while mom and dad were out. I sometimes feel you like your next to me in spirit watching over us and protecting us. I have to be strong for your mamma and daddy because they are having a hard time, so please watch over them and take care of them, they buy you sunflowers every week because those were your favorite to sit by to try to eat the bees, oh we miss you so much. I'm thankful for all the pictures and videos we have, so we can always cherish all the memories we had of you. You gave us 11 amazing years and in those 11 years you gave us more happiness than we ever thought we could have. I know that you are here in spirit with us.

Saying goodbye to you was the hardest thing we had to do, because we were not ready, and still till this day we are not ready to let you go, you will be in our hearts forever and we will love you forever. Remembering the fun times with you is what makes me strong to not be sad, but its still hard and a challenge everyday. I wish I could bring you back but I know one day we will be reunited but till than I hope you are running around and eating bees like you have always done. I hope you are taking walk walks with your mommy up their and driving everybody crazy with your loud snoring haha....I know you resting now with your baby and ducky and not in pain anymore....You were one of a kind doodles and you will never be replaced!
P.S. Your buddy Brad misses you very much and loves you.

We love you and think about you everyday

Love, Dad, Mom and JoJo

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