December 04, 2012

In Loving Memory Of

" Hope "

Faragold Shine Down on Me

2005 to 2010


Hope embodied her name and represented the true meaning of Hope. She was born with Patent Ductus Arteriosis, a serious congenital heart defect, and was not expected to live. Thanks to the loving care of Deb Farris, the breeder, and surgery at University of Florida, she went on to live a wonderful fun filled life. She brought joy and Hope to her family, Lisa, Chuck, Jensen and Jeff, and brother "Marley". Hope loved agility, eating, Frisbee, banana chips, cuddling, cheese-sticks, hiking, chicken jerky, tugging and dried fruit treats. You could always count on being greeted with a full body and tail wag - even if you were only out of sight for 5 minutes.


Hope is the difference between life and death, light and dark, success and failure. Hope assures us the sun will rise after the dark of night, and flowers will bloom from the rain. Hope allows us to believe in miracles and achieving the impossible.


Although Hope has gone on, our lives are still full of Hope. I am grateful for every day and moment we had with a beautiful creature. I remain Hopeful for beautiful flowers and bright sunshine as they remind me of Hope.

Love and Hope,
Lisa Boudreau

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