My Beloved Chuck

April 19, 2013

My beloved Chuck.

The day I saw you on a San Diego TV channel 8 in October 2005 displayed in a Halloween costume sitting there patiently with the other dogs that needed a home I knew that I would try as hard as I could to adopt you. You did not know that my beloved Akita named Arthur passed away 7 months earlier and that it broke my heart so bad that I didn't think I would ever be ready to have another dog, until I saw you, a handsome tri-color Australian Shepherd. I contacted the Aussie Pet Rescue that rescued you and they helped me make out an application for you. I was in line with two other families that wanted you too. I went to visit you in La Mesa at your foster home and then they brought you to my house to meet our family. Then we waited until I got the call that Aussie Pet Rescue had chosen us to be your family. I guess that since I work at home and that you would be by my side day and night helped me into making their decision. We were so thrilled. You brought joy and so much unconditional love into our home. You are the perfect dog. And you were so smart, you learned new tricks, loved to go places with us, the beach, camping, dog park, shopping, etc. The way you tilted your head whenever there was food around was the cutest, I don't know how you learned it, but you always got so many treats that way. We wanted you to also have a companion dog so we adopted another rescue Angel ( a bichon friese) and you both became the best of buddies, she is already realizing you are not here and has been whining.

Today we had to make such a hard decision but I did not want you to suffer anymore pain. when you were having trouble breathing, I could see in your eyes that you were in pain.
I love you my Chuckie and I am having a hard time right now as I write this because I miss you so much.

You will always be in our hearts and memories.

Love Always,
Rose and Jack Lewis and Angel
(Mommy and Daddy) & ( Sister dog)
and all of extended family who also loved you so much.


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