Baby Girl

May 22, 2013

I love her so much! She is my best friend, my baby, my beautiful, my daughter, my first puppy, she is my everything, she is my angel that god now has with him. I know she is safe and we will reunite someday! she is my Chihuahua Yorkie mix that I bottle fed and raised but she didn't get to make it to her one year birthday with is in two months, she was so happy and very loving and she always slept with me cuddled up next to me she followed me everywhere and did everything with me we shared everything together. It is very hard that she is gone because she was by my side every second of everyday and we have so much love for each other. when she got hit by the car I just held her in my arms forever I didn't want to let her go I just wanted magic to happen and her be breathing again but it never did I will never be able to get over this and feel if I ever got another dog she would feel she was being replaced with could never happen so I don't think I will be able to love another dog the way I love her.. I am 3 months pregnant and I just wish she was here to be able to meet my baby when I give birth I know she woulda loved my baby and i also know she woulda got a bit jealous because she didn't even like when other dogs came near me she would snap at them. She was so faithful to me and i am her mommy. She was born July 17th 2012 and passed away may 15th 2013 =(.. Baby Girl mommy loves you so much you are the best daughter in the world I could have never asked for anyone better.. muah! You have all my hugs and kisses. XOXOXOXO I miss and love you my baby!
Love your mommy Sara Jayleen Pettingill Moreno

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