Penfold Greer

June 07, 2013

Penfold came home from you guys today. It was hard to see him in a Cedar box with his t-shirt on top instead of in his t-shirt, but it is good to have him home. Thank you for the love and respect you gave our beloved boy.

Penfold, you touched our lives so deeply. Each moment, each day, each week, month, year you healed and showed what an amazing boy you were. You gave me the strength to heal, if you could survive the years until we got you and heal, so could anyone. While we feel a little robbed because we were told you were younger than you probably actually were and your passing came so suddenly though we knew it was coming, we cherish the 6 years of love we shared. You are in our hearts always. We miss your patient stare to go outside with the occasional pawing, your party rolling around the floor excited we came home, your delicate little paws jumping up to tap us in excitement to go outside, your love of sitting in the sun, your waiting to eat until everyone was settled and not going anywhere. We miss the way you asked permission to get back in bed after getting down to get some water in the night. We miss you so very much. Your brother misses you, his beloved companion. You are a rescue success story if there ever was one. Rest now, sweet boy, be at peace. We will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. <3

We love you always principesse,
Rachel, Michelle, Manwe, Grandad, Uncle Mike, Grandma, Jonny, and all the rest of the family who love you so very much

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