Boris, 2003-2014

January 13, 2014


If all that is real from our past is the love we have given and the loved received then I know no more better teacher than Boris. He lived for relationships and to be in relationship. They were everything to him. In moments of family crisis Boris was the glue that held us all together. When we couldn't see love in any given situation or each other he would remind us where to find it.

What he has left me with is an intense desire to focus on relationships. I seem to have lost desire for other senseless worldly "things. Through his example I am left with wanting to see love in every situation because that is all he saw. I know that this intense pain and grief that I have been experiencing since his transition can only be replaced by practicing what he taught me; to heal relationships, to breath love into loveless places and situations, and to focus on what is real -- each other. He is forever a part of me. I miss him dearly, I hurt deeply, and I will forever love and carry my Boris close to my heart.

Thank You,
Paul Marinkovich


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