Jessica Lynn 1996-2013

May 22, 2014

Jessica, you and I went thru so many life changes together and I am going to miss you, forever. You were loved and you knew it.

I hate waking up without your beautiful morning meows and curling up to be close while watching tv together. I've never known a cat to hold a person's hand, brush their hair with their paws and played so hard with the dogs. They loved playing with you. I'm going to miss playing with you, too holding you, watching you sleep and all of your many facial gestures. I knew them all. Your sweet pushiness was adorable and I always felt your love. I am really glad you had more time with Melissa, Colby and Charlotte, your memere and that you got the chance to travel with Aunt Katy across the country to us, here in California. I know you were a huge fan of the beautiful weather and that makes me happy. I know you weren't feeling well the night before you passed and you looked comfortable but not right. I will regret going into bed as usual that night. I wish I slept underneath the table with you. I will see your beautiful face again. I know this and I know you know that you had a wonderful life. I also know that you knew how much I loved you. So much, it is killing me. Please tell Vision we still miss her with us so much.

Jessica leaves her dog sisters, Mindee and Melina. Mindee is our Samoyed and Melina is our Saint Bernard. They both are naturally very sad. Jessica watched my dogs grow up and although Mindee and she competed for my attention, her and Melina were extremely united. So united that if Mindee made any face at all, silent growl or not at Jessica, Melina would tackle her to the ground. Melina would also pick Jessica up by the scruff and walk her inside if she wandered outside by our mistake.

RIP, little Jessie. Mommy will continue to love you, always.



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