May 06, 2015


I love celestial events.
I cherish nature's light show in the comets.
I've taken meteor showers in the cold desert at 3 a.m.
The Sisters of the Seven Stars are my companions

And most of the time, my little shadow Emily has taken in these heavenly sights along with her mama.
Trips to the back country in cold winter months, cuddles in blankets while we awaited arrival.
She loved these trips.

And this morning, the sun, and the earth and our beloved Mr Moon gave us a spectacular show.
And I am most grateful for such a beautiful gift...
My girl was old and fragile. She's tired. So this week, after spoiling her with yummy dog meals of hamburgers and all things forbidden, we enjoyed hours cuddled beneath the waning full moon and cherished the light and our time together.

We let her go in a field full of flowers and I had my head on her heart and felt her very last heartbeat and gave her thousands of kisses on her sweet nose. My heart is broken...

She was a most beautiful lunar companion.

I could not have asked for more.

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