May 21, 2015


March 4, 2009-May 18, 2015

Harley, it was love at first sight when we first chose you to be ours. You instantly became my shadow and made our home a complete and happier place. You were the king of our castle and we tried our very best to give you everything you could ever want and ensured you were always comfortable. You were definitely a stubborn little man and taught us to do everything in your own time. There isn't a single thing we would've changed about you - you're perfect, you're one of a kind! We couldn't have been more shocked and saddened when we learned you had bone cancer and we tried everything to help you but it was a battle none of us could win. We were robbed of our time with you but the time we did have is forever in our memories and will never be forgotten. I made you a momma's boy and you are the greatest love of my life. You will always be in what you left of my heart but the rest is with you. I knew in the last week of your life when the beautiful clouds rolled in and the weather cooled, it was just for you because that's the way you like it best. I knew it was heaven coming to take you home to a pain free place where you can be the pack leader because today, the sky is clear and the clouds have left. So, from now on when I see "our clouds", I know you'll be there watching over me like my little protector that you've always been. You have always been our little angel.

We love you for eternity our Harley bug, monkey man, sunshine, pumpkin pie!! Until we see you again our love,

- Your Mommy and Daddy (Tera and Bobby)

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