Jasmine, May 25, 1994 - Nov. 19, 2008

January 16, 2009


Our pretty girl Jasmine was such a sweet and loyal companion. She was with us for 14 and a half years, she gave us so much joy and many laughs.

Her favorite hobby was eating. We used to call her our little vacuum, you see if we dropped something on the floor while cooking or eating and we were slow in picking it up, she'd pick it up, NO PROBLEM!!!

Whenever we'd have a barbeque she'd love to be outside with uncle Memo by the grill because she knew he'd give her a piece of carne azada, chicken or anything tasty he'd be making out there.

She was such a licker, just loved to kiss us with her stinky breath. Whenever she saw me with her toothbrush she would jump with joy, she thought it was a treat to get her teeth brushed with her favorite beef flavor toothpaste! Whenever she saw me, Nana or Tata with a towel on our shoulder she knew it was bath time and she'd run and hide under the bed or under the table, after we caught on to her, we decided to put the towel in the bathroom and then go get her - such a smart cookie, she was!

If she wasn't on my lap she'd be napping by my feet. I loved that!

After Tata retired, she was so spoiled and used to always follow him because she knew he kept treats in his pockets-that made her gain a lot of weight and Tata got in trouble for that! After that, Nana had to train Tata and teach him how many treats Jasmine could have, for Nana knew exactly how much was enough.

Even after she lost her sight, she'd jump up and down whenever I got home, I'd have to get to her A.S.A.P. or else she'd bump against the walls, so the first thing I'd do after getting home was pick her up to make sure she didn't hurt herself. She had so much energy and made sure I knew she was happy I was home; that made me happy too!

When Jasmine met my husband, my boyfriend at the time, she was anxious, nervous and she bit his nose. Not a very good welcoming on her part! The second time she saw him and every time after that, the first thing she would do was lick his nose, almost as if she knew she hurt him when they met. She did that until the last day she was with us. My husband kneeled down to say good-bye and she leaned toward him, her nose touching his.

She made us so happy and we thank her for giving us so much love. We miss you so much "Nuestra Compañerita"

Maria "Lucy" Shaw

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