Introducing Into the Sunset Pet Transition Center

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First, I must apologize for neglecting the blog!!  On a positive note, we have been busy working on a unique and innovative project.

Through my work at Peaceful Paws, I noticed a real disconnect in the grief journey.

Often, pet parents are in a state of confusion when confronted with the death of their beloved pet.  Many experience what we call anticipatory grief.  It is defined as a “grief reaction that occurs before an impending loss”.  When my angel Lily was given the terminal diagnosis of lymphoma, my head started to spin.  I spent the next year in a state of anxiety hyper analyzing every little cough, irritation and bump.  I kept asking my husband (a veterinarian) if it was “time”.  Our two worlds collided and the experience, in retrospect, could have been handled better.  While I was devastated when we said goodbye, I felt a huge weight life off of me.  It was a sense of relief that the anxiety was over and now I could start the process of healing.

I wasn’t aware of anticipatory grief until I began to study the psychology of loss and grief through my continuing education courses. When I first learned that the anxiety and fear I had felt had a name, everything started to make sense.

My mother lost her father at 15 years old.  She mentioned that she felt the same as my grandfather battled a chronic illness.  While she too was devastated when he finally passed, she also felt that relief.

Death and grief are part of my everyday life at Peaceful Paws.  If I experienced this emotion, and wasn’t aware that it even had a name, what would a “normal” pet parent feel?

Anxiety and fear are deeply rooted in the unknown.  We strongly believe through compassion, patience and knowledge, the journey will be easier to embark on.  Will we erase the grief all together.  Of course not.  Remember, grief is a NATURAL emotion that we all must face when a loss occurs.  However, we do feel that we will make those final months, weeks or days much more tolerable.  We want to guide you through the process before your pet passes away.

This is how Into the Sunset came to be.  ITS  is a new, innovative center focused on hospice care, personalized grief support and memorialization.  We will offer palliative hospice care until YOU are ready for your final goodbye.  We are not here to judge your wishes but simply educate you on quality of life, the disease state and what to expect every step of the way as your pet begins its final stage of life.  In addition, you will receive personalized grief support as we walk the journey with you.  Finally, once the death has occurred, we customize your memorization through a variety of ways that best symbolize your pet.

When Lily was dying, a dear friend offered to do a photo session of her on the beach.  This kind gesture will be treasured forever. We have decided to offer this same service and call it a “Sunset Photo Session”.  To have those final photos of Lily really are precious.

Would you like to have a memorial service with family and friends?  We can arrange that as well.  The options are endless!

Peaceful Paws will continue to offer its cremation services.  Into the Sunset seemed like a natural progression and we are thrilled to offer this to our clients.

Into-The-Sunset-LogoInto the Sunset is the first of its kind.  We consider ourselves “death care specialists” and take pride in that title.   Our goal remains the same.  We will guide, honor and memorialize your treasured companion with dignity and respect.

Stay tuned as we quickly progress.  Expected open date in sometime in Q4 of 2013.

We will be located in Sorrento Valley (San Diego).  Our website is under construction.  It is




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